Airtel partners with Cisco & Apollo Hospital to integrate 5G in ambulance

Airtel partners with Cisco & Apollo Hospital to integrate 5G in ambulance
In order to save lives in the situations of emergency and to revamp healthcare access, Bharti Airtel, the leading supplier of communication solutions in India has reportedly partnered with Cisco and Apollo Hospitals to build ambulance with 5G connections.

As per sources, the same was demonstrated in Bengaluru by using Department of Telecom’s 5G experimental spectrum, allocated to Airtel.

Ajay Chitkara, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Airtel Business at Bharti Airtel stated that 5G is a transformative technology and this is just another demonstration by Airtel to show how partnerships can unveil the potential of digital platforms for the betterment of humanity.

Ajay added that in terms of 5G, healthcare is one of the most reliable use cases and the team is happy to extend the collaboration with Cisco and Apollo Hospitals to bring some advanced use cases for the Indian market.

According to reports, the state-of-the-art custom-made 5G connected ambulance is equipped with advanced medical equipment, telemetry devices, and patient monitoring applications that transfer the health data of the patient to the hospital in real-time.

Additionally, the ambulance is also fitted with camera-centric Headgear, onboard cameras, and Bodycams for paramedic staff. All this is connected to the low latency and ultra-fast Airtel 5G network and will be further qualified for technologies such as AR/VR.

When a seriously ill patient is on the way to the hospital, every second of that time can make a difference for them, for which the 5G connected ambulance serves as an extension of emergency room and allows continuous connectivity with the hospital.

Not to mention, this enables doctors at ER make quicker decisions and instruct the paramedics in the ambulance to provide required aid while on the move.

Dr. Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director at Apollo Hospitals suggested that this can help save multiple lives as with the help of 5G technology, timely treatment can be started in the Ambulance itself.

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