Amazon, SUN Mobility unite to boost use of EVs with battery swapping tech

Amazon, SUN Mobility unite to boost use of EVs with battery swapping tech
Amazon India and Sun Mobility are reportedly collaborating on expanding the deployment of EV-equipped battery swapping technology for logistics and delivery services.

These EVs will manufacture Amazon India’s responsibility of adding 10,000 electric vehicles to the delivery fleet of India by 2025. The firm has been working with homegrown OEMs like SUN Mobility for long for assembling its EV fleet.

With the help of SUN Mobility’s mobility-as-a-service (Maas) offering, the distribution will offer Amazon India and its DSPs (delivery service partners) an electric mobility solution that is unified with savvy batteries and access to a vast network of SWAP POINTS.

Moreover, SUN Mobility is also set to unveil its SWAP POINTS across its client areas, integrating Amazon warehouses in major urban cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Jaipur, and Hyderabad.

With the innovation of battery swapping technology, the discharged batteries of EVs can be swapped easily for an entirely energized unit, eradicating the delays involved with recharging.

Given the constraints of space and cost, this innovation helps address issues like range anxiety and the need to set up a dedicated charging infrastructure.

The support of SUN Mobility will enable a higher EV fleet operation time for Amazon’s network partners by offering two-minute battery swaps, backing the enlarging logistics network of Amazon without being compelled by charging infrastructure.

Mr. Abhinav Singh, Amazon India’s Director – Customer Fulfillment, Supply Chain and Global Specialty Fulfillment, while commenting on the arrangement stated that the collaboration with SUN Mobility records one more breakthrough in the journey of lessening fossil fuel by-products and the environmental effect of delivery operations.

Abhinav added that the firm will be adding resources constantly for electrifications of the delivery fleet as they pursue the goal of collecting around 10,000 EVs across the partner platforms to its fleet by 2025.

Additionally, with the governments reassurance of developing innovative and sustainable models for ‘Battery or Energy as a Service,’ the firm focuses on supporting India’s progress in the e-mobility segment to achieve its environmental sustainability targets.

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