Australia amplifies fourth COVID dose availability amid Omicron threat

Australia amplifies fourth COVID dose availability amid Omicron threat

Latest reports suggest that Australia is rapidly directing its efforts toward expanding the availability of the fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccines to curb the spread of the new subvariants of Omicron in the country.

A steady rise in hospital admissions and a significant spike in the number of deaths due to the highly transmissible nature of the virus have compelled the Australian government to release fresh doses of the vaccine as soon as possible.

Currently, BA.4 and BA.5 are the most prevalent subvariants of Omicron in several nations. Governments across the globe have issued guidelines and countermeasures to tackle the virus, depending on the severity, to reduce the number of fatalities.

Headcounts initiated in hospitals cover a figure of nearly 4000 people who are suffering from COVID-19 at present. The authorities have noticed a significant leap in the number of patients from last February, when Omicron first struck the nation.

Notably, new strains of the virus have been ravaging the states of New South Wales and Victoria recently.

Elaborating on the situation in the country, Health Minister Mark Butler claimed that Australia would soon be entering into the third phase of the pandemic, which is bound to place immense pressure on the healthcare facilities as well as medical professionals in the landscape.

As per the revised guidelines of Australia’s immunization advisory board, all citizens above the age of 30 will be eligible for the fourth dose, aiding nearly 7 million people to get their second booster shot.

Previously, the nation had successfully contained the virus through strict border restrictions and immediate lockdowns. The virus, however, made a reappearance in the country, following slight ease of curbs over the past year, cited sources with relevant information.

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