Automaker MG Motor teams up with Siemens for a sustainable future

Automaker MG Motor teams up with Siemens for a sustainable future

MG Motor India has reportedly teamed up with Siemens AG to use cutting-edge digital technologies (such as IoT, Big Data, MindSphere, and plant simulation) to boost productivity, conserve energy and money, and reduce carbon emissions in its operations.

The automaker claims to be the first auto OEM in the world to use Plant Simulation and MindSphere as a closed-loop digital model. Modern pre-treatment and electrocoating paint processes will be 15% more efficient owing to the software's ability to connect plant assets, and processes, and deliver insights into more optimized paint processes.

The partnership between MG Motors and Siemens is aimed at industrial digitalization and intelligent production, stated Ravi Mittal, the Director of Manufacturing at MG Motor India. Such strategic partnerships would allow it to lead the development of digital solutions and expertise to boost productivity, conserve energy, cut emissions, improve customer satisfaction, and spur growth.

The Head of Digital Industries at Siemens Suprakash Chaudhuri mentioned that the group aims for a digital twin of production between Siemens and MG Motor. He added that it enables MG Motor to automate plant connectivity and real-time production alongside accurate performance monitoring.

It is worth noting that some critical insights can be generated by adopting advanced techniques to actual data in a closed-loop simulated environment.

In the past, the automaker has also pioneered several innovations for the market, like on-demand in-car service, Car as A Platform, and the membership model. The OEM just made history by becoming the first in the world to employ ULTRAX degreaser cleanser to save 787 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

To operate its activities at the Halol industrial cluster, MG Motor has also erected a 4.85 MW wind-solar power plant, conserving 2,00,000MT of carbon dioxide over the last 15 years.

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