Axenya unites with HealthCo to develop health-tech ecosystem in LATAM

Axenya unites with HealthCo to develop health-tech ecosystem in LATAM

Digital health platform company, AXENYA and HealthCo, a leading data-intensive consulting firm & insurance broker, announced that they have agreed to merge the two companies to become a leading health-tech ecosystem in the Latin-American (LATAM) region.

According to reliable sources, this merger will help the firms serve around 35,000 patients and offer value to the healthcare journey. Both firms expect to double this number in the coming years.

Under this move, all founding and working members at HealthCo and Axenya will stay within the firm and as shareholders of the brand-new firm, which will function under the Axenya brand.

The merger becomes a one-stop shop, empowering the corporate consumers to amplify quality and expense in all facets of their healthcare requirements, which includes population analytics, delivering exclusively selected next-gen digital therapeutic tools, 24/7 supervising and course correction, and eventually renegotiating fees with payors determined by the savings generated by its healthcare program.

Thus, Axenya will deliver incomparable clinical results, user satisfaction, and cost savings.

Commenting on the move, Mariano García-Valiño, Founder of Axenya, mentioned that the brand-new Axenya combines the most superior data science population with clinically proven, advanced digital therapeutics.

The merger will provide an excellent ecosystem where a large amount of data can be assembled to identify care gaps, examine large populations, and establish ideally aimed individual digital plans for every individual, reducing cost and enhancing clinical metrics across the complete spectrum.

For the unversed, Axenya, which began its operations in 2020, offers hardware and software products that improves doctor’s toolbox, empower them to assist patients in achieving higher health standards and make a complete practice of medicine more precise and personalized.

The firm is the very first member to join the Digital Therapeutic Alliance in Latin America and the one in the region with its clinical research published in peer-reviewed journals.

Meanwhile, HealthCo is the region’s most innovative data-intensive healthcare broker, catering to 90 corporate clients. The proprietary data analytics of HealthCo offers consistent savings to the client base.

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