Beijing warns of COVID-19 spike, mass testing to begin in Shanghai

Beijing warns of COVID-19 spike, mass testing to begin in Shanghai

As per reliable sources, China’s capital Beijing is currently facing an unseen spike in COVID-19 cases which are mostly linked to a bar, while the commercial hub Shanghai will soon begin mass testing to contain the potential increase in cases connected to a hair salon.

Following a flare-up in cases in a neighborhood bustling with commercial establishments, Beijing's COVID-19 curbs have been tightened once again, with at least two districts closing several entertainment venues.

Despite having a low infection rate by global standards, China is emphasizing a zero-Covid policy, citing the necessity to protect the elderly and the healthcare system, while other countries try to avoid and live with the virus infection.

Notably, COVID-19 has resulted in the deaths of approximately 5,226 people in the 1.4 billion-strong country so far. Meanwhile, authorities in Beijing confirmed that the Heaven Supermarket Bar was visited or had ties to all 61 new cases detected in the city. The capital has identified 46 new local cases, most of which were already under observation or have been isolated, the health official Liu Xiaofeng claimed.

At the briefing, the city did not disclose any new restrictions, however, the Beijing Sports Administration later reported that all sports events for teenagers would soon be canceled. As of now, 115 cases and 6,158 close contacts have been traced to the bar, re-igniting fear in the city of 22 million people.

The Universal Beijing Resort, a prominent theme park on the outskirts of the city, has also canceled its plans to reopen as three of its employees were found to have visited the Heaven Supermarket bar. Besides, certain parts of the capital have been placed under lockdown, with residents being told to remain at home.

Shanghai officials disclosed three additional confirmed local cases and one asymptomatic case outside of quarantined regions, as nearly the whole city's 25 million residents began a new round of COVID-19 testing.

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