Belong launches first broadband plans starting from $15 per month

Belong launches first broadband plans starting from $15 per month
Telstra’s budget brand introduces the largest mobile broadband plan of 500GB for $70 per month in the market

Belong, a budget brand of telecommunications company- Telstra, has launched its first mobile broadband plans offering largest plan of 500GB for $70 per month, a one-of-a-kind service in the native market which consists of providers selling options for 200GB or less.

Besides, if users find 500GB option to be excess data, Belong is also providing 20GB and 80GB options for $15 per month and $35 per month respectively – typically ideal for SIM card-related user requirements for devices such as tablets.

Due to the SIM-only nature of Belong’s broadband plans, customers are required to bring their own devices, which could be a tablet, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, dongle, or even an old phone as a portable hotspot alternative.

However, thereafter this device can no longer be used for making calls or sending texts.

Powered by Telstra’s network, Belong’s mobile broadband plans do not comprise of 5G coverage, nonetheless, support data gifting and are contact-free. If a user has excess data, they can transfer it to any friend or family member by using Belong mobile or the mobile-based broadband plan.

While Belong’s massive 500GB plan is clearly unique, thanks to its massive allowance that it won’t be available for everyone and could be recognized viable as an NBN alternative with the extensive data limit.

Speaking of some other economic alternatives currently present, SpinTel offers one of the cheapest options available in the market today with minimum 100GB coverage for $54.95 per month for the first six months of the plan and $59.95 each month after that. Powered by Octopus 4G network, the plan offers data of upto 200GB.

Currently, the only plan that comes close to Belong’s is Telstra’s 400GB plan which asks users to pay $75 per month for first 12 months and $85 per month after that with a bonus of 5G connectivity.

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