Canada to remove ban on COVID-19 travel restrictions from 1st October

Canada to remove ban on COVID-19 travel restrictions from 1st October

The government of Canada announced on Monday i.e., 26th September that all COVID-19 travel restrictions, including vaccination and masking requirements for airplanes and trains, will be lifted as of 1st October.

Further, vaccination requirements and COVID-19 testing would no longer apply to passengers and personnel on cruise ships.

According to the government, the decision to lift the ban was made in light of Canada's vaccination rate, the easy accessibility to vaccinations & treatments, and data demonstrating that the nation has passed the peak of the most recent wave of the coronavirus.

Besides, Canadian airlines have been demanding to end flight masking regulations, claiming thousands of instances of non-compliance just this year.

Interestingly, over 90% of Canadians above the age of 12 have received the primary COVID-19 vaccine. Besides, Canada approved the first Omicron-adapted vaccination this month, the bivalent COVID-19 doses for adults from Moderna Inc. 

Health Minister of Canada, Jean-Yves Duclos said that they have reached the point where they could safely relax the sanitary precautions at the border, owing in large part to citizens of Canada rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated.

He further stated that the government has no intention of reintroducing these restrictions but would do so deemed necessary to safeguard the safety of Canadians.

For those unversed, starting Saturday i.e., 1st October, all travelers, irrespective of their citizenship, will no longer be required to provide health information via the ArriveCAN app or show documentation of their immunizations.

It is worth mentioning that after experiencing a slowdown during the pandemic for months, the move is anticipated to strengthen Canada's already growing travel sector.

Sources claim that the long-awaited removal of all remaining restrictions will hasten the recovery of the Canadian economy in the months to come.


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