CBD for children not ruled out by parents

CBD for children not ruled out by parents
Cannabidiol (CBD) may be considered by 75{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068} of parents in case other treatment options are not working for their children, a new study has found.

Products containing CBD, a chemical compound naturally found in marijuana and hemp, have been used in recent years to help adults manage medical issues like chronic pain and mood disorders. Use of CBD products in children isnt being considered extensively and while the majority haven’t even considered having their child use a CBD product, three-quarters of parents appeared open-minded about the possibility, saying it may be a good option for medical care when other medications don’t work.

The nationally representative poll report is based on responses from 1,992 parents of children 3-18 years surveyed in October 2021.

Parents’ most common reasons for giving or considering CBD for their child include anxiety (51{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), sleep problems (40{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, (33{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), muscle pain (20{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), autism (19{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), and to make their child feel better in general (13{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}). These reasons line up with conditions some CBD products claim to help with in brochures and promotional materials.

While three quarters of parents felt CBD for children should require a doctor’s prescription, only 63{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068} rated the recommendation of their child’s doctor as a strong factor in deciding whether to give their child a CBD product. And of the 7{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068} of parents who say they’ve given or considered giving CBD for their child, less than a third of them say they’ve talked with their child’s health care provider about CBD use.

Most parents cited side effects as the most important factor in deciding whether to give their child a CBD product. Other considerations included whether it was tested for safety in children (78{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), how well it works in children (72{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), recommendation of their child’s doctor (63{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), approval of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (58{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}), and product reviews (41{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}).

Most parents (71{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068}) have never used a CBD product themselves, while 24{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068} have tried CBD and 5{481377d3901f707a27be0b17051cda45e332f52f06cba484c528bedb49914068} use a CBD product regularly, according to the poll report.

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