Chinese carmakers to bring assisted driving to revolutionize auto sector

Chinese carmakers to bring assisted driving to revolutionize auto sector

Chinese auto manufacturers are reportedly attempting to introduce driver-assisted technology after competing in the in-vehicle infotainment and battery driving range for the longest time.

Sources claimed that China is aiming to capture the lion's share of the global automotive industry, selling nearly 21.5 million passenger cars in 2021, which is almost as much as the combined equivalent sales of Europe, Japan, and the United States.

Chinese technology company, Baidu Inc. and automotive firm Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. Ltd. are already working together to make assisted driving a reality. After 15 months of launching Jidu's electric car project as part of their collaborative efforts, the two titans have teamed up to create a concept car to demonstrate their early stage and design ideas, with plans to price it at USD 30,000.

The "Robo-01" vehicle is a four-seater car with a long display spanning over the front of the car and a half-moon steering wheel that can be rolled up to make more legroom for the cockpit seat. After its fall debut, the delivery of this limited-edition model is due to commence within the next year.

Baidu's Apollo autonomous driving system, which has been used in many commercial robotaxis in China, will be used in this concept car, along with other software that has not been disclosed.

While the authorities are yet to permit fully self-driving cars on most roads, software companies are already collecting data through their robotaxi operations. This data is likely to aid in the improvement of self-driving technology algorithms as well as any regulatory changes that may be required in the coming year or two.

It is worth noting that consumer enthusiasm is already palpable, as they eagerly wait on not just the autonomous driving experience but also interaction with the intelligent vehicle system.

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