COVID-19 infection rates spike across various parts of Asia-Pacific

COVID-19 infection rates spike across various parts of Asia-Pacific

Latest reports have confirmed that major countries across Asia-Pacific have been observing a surge in Coronavirus infections over the past few months. These are mostly in the form of BA.4/5 Omicron variants, which have prompted both Japan and New Zealand officials to warn their residents to remain precautionary.

Furthermore, the New Zealand government recently claimed that it would provide free masks and rapid antigen tests wherever necessary, to relieve the burden on the country’s health care facilities, which are currently dealing with a surge in both COVID-19 and influenza patients amid the ongoing southern hemisphere winter.

Concerning the current crisis, Ayesha Verrall, Minister for COVID-19 Response, stated that the deadly combination of a spike in the COVID-19 cases and an increase in hospitalizations, with an added stress of staff absences, is contributing to immense pressure on the healthcare infrastructure of the country.

Similarly in Japan, there has been a tremendous uptick in the number of cases of late with new statistics confirming that nearly 95,000 patients are currently battling the disease.

On the other hand, a government spokesperson of Tokyo confirmed that a meeting is soon to be scheduled in the coming weeks to decide on the preventive measures that will be put in place, after considering the national trend and the opinions of experts.

Meanwhile, despite its steady response at the beginning of the pandemic, South Korea has reportedly registered more than 39,000 new cases this week.

Expert analysts believe that South Korea is bound to witness a significant spike of nearly 200,000 cases from mid-August to September end. Instead of additional curbs, the country is likely to expand the availability of booster shots to limit the spread of the disease.

Correspondingly, the spike in Omicron infections in Australia and Indonesia has been identical to other Asian nations, however, on a positive note, Thailand has been witnessing a significant slump in the number of cases.

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