Fujitsu unveils new research center in India to drive innovation in AI/ML

Fujitsu unveils new research center in India to drive innovation in AI/ML
Fujitsu Limited has reportedly launched a new research center FRIPL (Fujitsu Research of India Private Limited) to foster innovation in leading AI and Machine Learning (ML).

Under one of its first key initiatives, FRIPL will jointly research with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad to foster innovation in leading AI/ML technologies. The joint research activities will initially emphasize on improving the resilience and accuracy of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

The research and development activities with IIT Hyderabad will be centered on AI technology to explore causal relationships with high accuracy whereas the partnership with the IISc will focus on autonomous training to generate AI automatically.

With the IIT Hyderabad collaboration, Fujitsus AI technology will be leveraged for rapid discovery of causal relationships between large-scale data with IIT Hyderabad’s prowess in geometric statistical theory.

On the other hand, the joint research with IISc will enable the Tokyo-based company to collaborate with the institution on researching automatic AI technology by leveraging the company’s expertise in adaptive machine learning which includes reinforcement learning.

According to Chief Technology Officer Vivek Mahajan, Fujitsu plays a crucial role in steering innovation and the company will explore technologies like quantum and AI to contribute to solutions to these problems.

Mr. Mahajan believes that reinforcement of the company’s presence in India will enable the organization to tap the immense potential offered by top researchers with local universities and institutions that steer the development of global software technology.

Fujitsu intends to continue hiring top talent in India and plans to increase the number of researchers to 50 by FY 2024.

The Fujitsu Group will venture into research activities in security and other sectors. It will also perform leading software research and development in partnership with the company’s broader global network of research centers in Europe, Japan, and the United States with the intention of developing software for global distribution.

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