Honda boosts electric motorcycle sales to meet carbon neutrality target

Honda boosts electric motorcycle sales to meet carbon neutrality target

Honda Motor Co recently announced that it would introduce more than ten electric motorbike models internationally over the next three years, as part of its goal to reach carbon neutrality for motorcycles by the 2040s.

However, due to the increasing popularity of motorbikes in developing nations and the fact that Honda controls the majority of the worldwide motorcycle market, switching to electric poses difficulties. According to sources, switching to electric vehicles may result in heavier vehicles and higher pricing, posing greater entry obstacles for customers in developing markets.

So, for the unversed by 2025, the company plans to launch more than ten new electric models, and during the next five years, it wants to sell a minimum of 1 million electric motorcycles annually. Further, by 2030 the company also intends to sell 3.5 million electric motorcycles annually, or around 15% of total sales. Currently, as announced they are using all-solid-state batteries, which are presently being developed, to power its electric motorcycles.

Additionally, the two-wheeler behemoth also stated that along with the push toward electric, it would continue producing motorcycles with internal combustion engines. Instead, it was focusing on lowering engine emissions and developing vehicles that could run on carbon-neutral fuels like gasoline-ethanol mixes.

On the other hand, Japanese manufacturer Honda plans to invest roughly USD3.28 billion together with its dealer partners to improve its showrooms across India to make them more upscale, as it prepares to bring in sports utility vehicles into the market starting next year.  Whereas they are currently present in 330 locations in 242 cities which counts for Honda's total dealer network in India.

With the COVID situation significantly improving, Honda Cars India Vice-President (Marketing and Sales) Kunal Behl told PTI in an interview the company have renewed our emphasis on restructuring the entire sales channel and attempting to put it on a fast track. There are still some challenges with regard to potential and time, but our effort is to optimize the number of revamped outlets in this year and next year.

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