Infosys alerts employees about termination over moonlighting situation

Infosys alerts employees about termination over moonlighting situation

Infosys has reportedly reminded its staff in a mailer about moonlighting, that is taking up dual jobs is against the employee code of conduct. The issue took limelight when Rishad Premji, the Chairman of Wipro stated this practice to be considered as sheer cheating.

Notably, the second-largest IT company in India, Infosys warned employees in an email headlined "No Double Lives" on September 12 that violating restrictions on dual employment could result in disciplinary action as well as the termination of employment.

However, according to a source, the employees at the managerial and senior consultant levels did not get the correspondence.

Although taking on a second job or working part- or full-time for another company is not a new-phenomena, the Indian IT industry's preference for remote work arrangements has encouraged more people to do so.

It has been seen that employees are profiting from the increased demand for qualified skills. According to the observation of Han Digital, an IT talent consultancy and intelligence organization, 3–4 people are working in concurrent assignments out of every 100 full-time hires by customers over the last one year.

According to Krish Shankar, EVP and human resource group head of Infosys, gig employees who value flexibility in short-term assignments have been enrolled by Infosys. However, a big part of these projects involves assisting international clients with their strategic digital initiatives over comparatively longer times, with considerable compliance and secrecy needs, which is not appropriate for gig workers.

However, many Gen-Z workers today expect to benefit from the flexibility of working whenever and as much they want as members of the gig economy, while also preserving the stability that comes with their traditional day job, Shankar added.

The mail also cited the provision in appointment letters that prohibits employees from accepting either full- or part-time employment with any other business without Infosys' prior approval.


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