Israeli scientists claim Cu, Zn mix food supplement can fight viruses

Israeli scientists claim Cu, Zn mix food supplement can fight viruses
A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University has reportedly claimed that a special food supplement comprising copper, zinc, and chemicals found in fruit might help in fighting viruses.

The Israeli scientists showed that a mixture of three supplements, each approved by the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), is remarkably capable of prohibiting the replication of RNA viruses.

As per the study issued in the journal Pharmaceuticals, the team tested the mixture on human lung cells in the laboratory along with RNA viruses like the ones that cause the common cold and flu. Scientists found that the replication of viruses was reduced by 50% in comparison to normal circumstances.

Prof. Daniel Segal from the biomedicine school of Tel Aviv University further asserted that the mixture of ingredients seems capable of restricting RNA virus replication. But he noted that it was an in-vitro peer review research that did not signify the impact of the supplements on humans.

Other than copper and zinc, the supplement contains flavonoids which are found in some vegetables and fruits and are safe as a supplement.

Although zinc has anti-viral qualities, it struggles to enter cells. Prof. Segal pointed out that other ingredients of the new supplement bolster zinc’s ability to enter cells.

Interestingly, SARS-CoV-2, the RNA virus that leads to COVID-19, has not been tested yet. But Prof. Segal believes that the supplement will be able to inhibit its replication as it showcased optimistic results on other viruses belonging to the coronavirus family.

He added that a combination of dietary supplements and vaccines would be an effective and inexpensive precautionary method to fight various RNA respiratory viruses.

Adding further, Prof. Ehud Gazit, Head of the Blavatnik Center for Drug Discovery at Tel Aviv University said that these are promising results that could enable the development of an orally administered treatment.

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