KRUX unveils India’s smallest concept Two2 micro-mobility vehicle

KRUX unveils India’s smallest concept Two2 micro-mobility vehicle
  • Concept Two2 is based on utilization of 20% upcycled materials
  • The micro-mobility vehicle adheres to circular design principles
  • Design concept behind the four-wheeler is carryover skateboard
KRUX Studio has unveiled its latest micro-mobility vehicle concept Two2, introducing the smallest four-wheeler in India. The company is promoting the product as easy to drive, manoeuvre or park with higher safety and protective features. The concept Two2 design and development relies on 20% upcycled parts in addition to the tubular frame designed by the company to ensure easy assembling and manufacturing of the vehicle. While the approach is notably derived from a carryover skateboard concept, the micro-mobility development adheres to circular design principles for maximizing efficiencies, minimizing investment dependence and reducing part development. After completing the ideation successfully, KRUX Studio is pursuing potential collaborations and partnerships to further move into the production stage. Speaking on the revelation of the novel concept, Kripa Ananthan, Director at KRUX Studio, unfolded today’s customer trends, which demand sustainable options alongside manufacturers who want to become more environmentally and socially conscious. On the other hand, future industry presents refurbishers with easier access to millions of end-of-life (EOL) vehicles. KRUX Studio’s new concept Two2 will create a solid network between the three leading stakeholders-customers, manufacturers & refurbishers. KRUX Director also believes that the unique concept will be an impressive first as well as last-mile mobility alternative, particularly in high-traffic urban areas. Building upon a more sustainable future, concept Two2 has been designed to become one of the self-driven, shared and point-to-point services. Eliminating the need for larger investments, the design involves precision parts that can be developed centrally and supplied as flatpacks to local assembly units. Adding to the string of advantages, concept Two2’s modular construction facilitates the easy development of a spectrum of variants, such as the cargo and passenger variants demonstrated in the initial design. Source Credit:  

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