KT inks deal with HMU to expand digital healthcare business in Vietnam

KT inks deal with HMU to expand digital healthcare business in Vietnam
KT has planned to expand its digital healthcare business to Vietnam by inking an agreement with HMU (Hanoi Medical University) to provide pilot telemedicine services for chronic patients.

Under the agreement, the company will develop chronic disease management services, train Vietnamese medical staff, and research AI (artificial intelligence) technology in the medical industry.

Depending on the cooperation, KT will unveil a trial telemedicine platform service by the end of 2022. To offer quality service, the company will conduct additional meetings with key decision-makers from different sectors like medical-related IT companies, pharmaceutical companies, and state-run agencies.

In a statement, the company revealed that it was the right time to expand in Vietnam with increasing interest in medical and healthcare in the region owing to the spread of COVID-19. Some of the major contributors to this decision were the increased proportion of the middle class along with the increased spending on medical services and medicines in the country.

As per credible reports, Hanoi Medical University and KT are also performing joint research on medical AI where KT is responsible for managing AI algorithms. Their research will be based on early diagnosis technology for Alzheimer’s by a research team at the Kyung Hee University in Korea, which is also partnering with KT.

Apart from cooperating with HMU, KT has also performed joint research activities with the Vietnam National Cancer Hospital since last year for early diagnosis as well as treatment of cancer through medical AI technology.

The medical sector of Vietnam has witnessed a rapid growth. According to credible sources, the medical services market in Vietnam is expected to grow substantially this year.

The ease of expanding operations to neighboring nations also influenced the company’s decision to cooperate with Vietnam, which plays a crucial role in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, a successful venture in Vietnam will make it easier for KT to broaden its service to neighboring countries.

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