Kwik launches e-commerce selling app for African merchants– Kwikstore

Kwik launches e-commerce selling app for African merchants– Kwikstore

Kwik, a digital services delivery start-up firm that offers services to merchants across different segments such as e-commerce, deliveries, and financial services, has reportedly expanded its services with the launch of Kwikstore.

As per credible sources, Kwikstore is a free e-commerce and easy-to-use storefront service provider that enables all the African traders, business owners, SMEs, and social vendor entrepreneurs to curate their stores within five minutes. This is barring any technical knowledge while offering consumers the opportunity to operate their business directly through smartphones.

Notably, social vendors can now connect their Kwikstore to their automating sales, social media handles, fulfilment, shipping, and inventory management to divert their focus on marketing and sales.

According to reports, Kwikstore is a free of cost feature of the Kwik delivery application that does not call for any service charges or upfront payment apart from the standard payment gateway fees. With the Kwikstore app, retailers can match their brand in a personalised manner.

Upon the approval of the order by the merchant, the payment is directly processed via payment partners and Kwik delivery partner is sent to the pickup location or the customer can also directly pick up the order.

For the record, when the retailers use the Kwikstore app, they need to open a Kwik account, even though the Kwikstore can be used autonomously on the delivery app. This lets the merchants to utilize the delivery services of their will to sell in any part of Africa, including the areas not yet covered by the Kwik delivery platform.

As per claims, the start-up generated a seed funding of $2 million in March and has rolled out its plans to diversify the services beyond Nigeria.

Not to mention, Kwik is also working ceaselessly to gain supremacy in the e-commerce industry, as the organization seeks to compete with Africa based e-commerce conglomerates like Jumia and displace them from the Number 1 position.

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