Mercedes-Benz announces investment of $218 Mn in Electric Software Hub

Mercedes-Benz announces investment of $218 Mn in Electric Software Hub
Mercedes-Benz has reportedly invested USD 218 million in the Electric Software Hub at the MTC (Mercedes Technology Centre) in Sindelfingen.

Several hardware, software, testing, and system integration are integrated under one roof. With this move, Mercedes is extending its cross-functional collaboration approach.

The Electric Software Hub expedites Mercedes-Benz’s transformation. Starting 2025, all new vehicle models will be exclusively electric. The company takes a comprehensive approach to vehicle software, ranging from software coding to fundamental research and development.

Nearly 1,000 new software development jobs are being created in Sindelfingen itself while around 2,000 more jobs are being included currently in the global research and development network.

The Electric Software Hub consolidates the two major plans for the future of the automaker and reinforces the role of the Sindelfingen facility as a central hub for development and qualification.

With the growing digitization, the vehicle control units are being assigned more complex tasks, from driving assistance systems and infotainment to the electric drive. The consolidation of all components is therefore increasing its relevance which is a highly complicated process.

Cars in the hands of customers would also receive the latest software updates with new and enhanced functionalities. The Electric Software Hub provides conclusive benefits: nearly 1,100 experts from 19 cross-functional departments collaborate in physical proximity.

Along with the expansion of digital testing processes, this increases the quality as well as the pace of the integration processes. The intensive interconnection of the disciplines in one facility makes the Hub distinctive from others.

The new facility has nearly 70,000 square meters spread across eight levels. On the inside, the Electric Software Hub reflects the complete integration process of electronics/electrics for the vehicle development. The employees assure that all the software and hardware components created in the R&D interact seamlessly and work perfectly.

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