MG Motor India becomes the first OEM to launch a Metaverse platform

MG Motor India becomes the first OEM to launch a Metaverse platform

Morris Garage (MG) Motor India Private Limited has now become the first automaker in the country to announce the launch of its first platform on the Metaverse, coined as the MGverse, which is expected to offer an immersive experience to its through multiple spheres to its customers.

MGverse is supposed to act as an umbrella platform where all the virtual spaces come under one roof, aiming to bring the brand’s customers, employees, partners, and fans to work, collaborate, play, engage, shop, co-create, and socialize together virtually.

Gaurav Gupta, the Chief Commercial Officer at MG Motors India cited that MGverse reflects on the company’s vision of developing its Metaverse where they and their partners will constantly explore, improvise innovate, and develop new solutions. Furthermore, digital technology advanced swiftly as compared to any other innovation in human history.

NFT Gallery, Gaming Arena, Explore & Creator's Center, MG Knowledge Center, and MG Car Club will be the five virtual experience centers that will be operated through MGverse. Users of the Explore & Creator's Center will be able to create their own MG vehicle in Metaverse, take a virtual test drive in their preferred location, as well as book their desired MG automobile from the comfort of their own homes.

Users can view the brand's NFT collection in the NFT Gallery and collaborate, list, or transact with it, as well as create their own NFTs and earn money from them.

At MG Car Club, the brand plans to host member events and concerts where they can also buy MG merchandise. Meanwhile, at the Gaming Arena, users can learn about the brand’s heritage as well as engage in gameplay on their favorite racetracks.

Employees and brand partners could expect upskilling training sessions from the MG Knowledge Center. Furthermore, the MGverse platform will be available on both mobile phones and online browsers and is scheduled to launch during the upcoming festive season.

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