Ministry of Health & Wellbeing, Tasmania unveils 5-year plan 2022-26

Ministry of Health & Wellbeing, Tasmania unveils 5-year plan 2022-26
The Healthy Tasmania Five-Year Strategic Plan aims for better health and living for Tasmanians

Jeremy Rockliff, Tasmania’s Minister of Health and Wellbeing, rolled out a new strategic plan to offer the best living space for communities strengthening roots with people, place, and culture.

To ensure healthy living, the government has taken initiatives in the field of preventative health to keep Tasmanians healthy and safe.

With the next in line Healthy Tasmania Five-Year Strategic Plan 2022-2026, the government aims to bring together communities and services with collaborated efforts of different government entities to enhance health and wellbeing.

As a part of the plan, Tasmania will encourage citizens to boost connection with their communities, allow them to have a positive mental health, reduce alcohol consumption or alcohol abuse, limit smoking, adopt healthy eating, and lead more active lives.

Additionally, the plan also entails climate change-focused initiatives to address the impact of climate crisis on health and wellbeing, enabling the government to determine climate change goals for future.

Established in 2016, the Tasmanian Liberal Government pledged over $14 million to support the earlier Healthy Tasmania plan.

For the record, the government has committed to an additional $10 million in the next five years for the next stage of the strategy and will back the Healthy Tasmania Fund by infusing $8 million for four years.

According to Rockliff, prevention of a disease necessitates mental health and physical wellbeing whilst boosting community participation. This not only promotes individual health but also spreads positivity across the entire state.

Notably, the new development focuses on extending the success of earlier Healthy Tasmania Five-Year Strategic Plan 2016-2021, which resulted in surge in physical activity rates, encouraged more people to go smoke free, rise in fruit & vegetable intake emphasizing on wellbeing.

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