Pfizer to maintain medical supply in Russia & donate proceeds to Ukraine

Pfizer to maintain medical supply in Russia & donate proceeds to Ukraine
Pfizer Inc. has reportedly announced to continue humanitarian medical supply to Russians and donate all proceeds to offering direct humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians.

This move comes at a time when most companies are shutting their operations and exiting Russia. The pharma giant, however, supports the unified global community across the private, public, and civil society sectors in opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the horrendous situation it has created.

The global community has imposed severe sanctions on Russia. However, for humanitarian reasons, medicines were not included in these sanctions. After extensive assessments, Pfizer concluded that a discretionary pause in the medicinal flow to Russia would directly violate its fundamental principle of prioritizing patients.

Ceasing medicine deliveries, including the ones for cardiovascular or cancer therapies, would cause substantial patient suffering and possible loss of life, particularly among elderly people and children.

Interestingly, the pharma major clarified that the maintenance of medical supplies to Russia does not suggest the resumption of usual business in the country. Pfizer also asserted that it would donate all profits from its Russian subsidiary to causes offering direct humanitarian support to Ukrainians. This will be beside other donations that were recently announced by the company to the war-torn country.

In addition, Pfizer will no longer conduct new clinical trials in Russia and the company will stop admitting new patients in its ongoing clinical trials in the nation. The company will collaborate with FDA and other regulators to shift all existing clinical trials to sites outside Russia. However, it will continue offering necessary medicines to the patients already admitted to clinical trials due to its commitment to prioritizing patients.

While Pfizer does not own or run any manufacturing facilities in Russia, the company will stop all planned investments with local suppliers intended to develop manufacturing capacity in the nation.

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