Rune Labs gets FDA nod to use Apple Watch to track Parkinson’s disease

Rune Labs gets FDA nod to use Apple Watch to track Parkinson’s disease

The Food and Drug Administration has reportedly granted Rune Labs permission to use Apple Watch to detect Parkinson's disease. This move has the potential to reach more people living with movement disorders, as well as those who haven't developed them yet.

Brian Pepin, a former Verily engineer, had founded Rune Labs and created StrivePD systems that use Apple's Movement Disorder API to record dyskinetic symptoms and tremors of Parkinson's disease from the Apple Watch.

While the company did not require regulatory approval for data display to healthcare professionals, this is a huge milestone because the FDA approval could help the company broaden its work with more pharma giants.

The new FDA clearance will allow clinicians to use precise billing codes when analyzing data from the sensor. It will also enable trial donors to use the data as endpoints in research when submitting it to the regulatory agencies.

Pepin expressed his excitement at the prospect of being able to capitalize on the Watch's huge customer base to establish a medium for prodromal patients to connect with ongoing trials.

Interestingly, if Apple chooses to accept this bid, it could significantly aid in identifying a vast proportion that may be eligible for an experiment.

Besides, given the tech giant's widespread distribution channel, it would be relatively easier to conduct trial among patients living in remote locations.

The drawback to this could be that Apple Watches are expensive and out of reach for many people, and since an Android version of StrivePD is yet to be made available, it could be a long time before the unit becomes accessible to the masses.

It is worth noting that the startup raised USD 23 million last year to enhance its neurology data platform. It also announced a collaboration with Medtronic plc in the previous year to pilot data collection that will enable StrivePD to incorporate information from these devices and make itself a one-stop shop for clinicians to review data.

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