StoreDot demos fast-charging EV battery tech at EcoMotion conference

StoreDot demos fast-charging EV battery tech at EcoMotion conference
StoreDot, a lithium-ion batteries developer for electric vehicles, had recently held a live public demonstration of EV battery charging capabilities. At the EcoMotion conference held in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company displayed a full-scale EV battery cell that can recharge in just 10 minutes.

This breakthrough is achieved primarily through the replacement of graphite in the cell’s anode with silicon and other metalloid nanoparticles to overcome issues associated with cycle life, safety, and cell swelling.

StoreDot is further planning to offer charging technology capable of powering EVs for 100 miles in just 5 minutes of charging by 2024, reducing to 3 minutes by 2028 and 2 minutes by 2032.

In the recent demo, a 300×100 mm pouch cell, developed by EVE Energy, was featured. The cell was charged under a ten-minute time limit, exceeding its initial target of reaching 0%-80% capacity.

Established in 2012, StoreDot is working with major investors and partners like Daimler AG, BP Ventures, Samsung Ventures, and Volvo to solve the biggest barriers to mass adoption of EVs, including battery range and charging time.

Over a decade, the Israel-based company has been developing battery technologies based on lithium-ion with the use of nanomaterials and inorganic and organic compounds, which allow ultra-fast charging for the mobile as well as industrial markets.

The recently unveiled battery technology has been under development for the past 3 years and is backed by over 12 patents in design, software, as well as a self-repairing system that enables the cells to be regenerated while in use.

Apart from StoreDot, other revolutionary automotive tech companies based in Israel include Mobileye, an autonomous driving subsidiary of Intel. Notably, the company is preparing to launch its robotaxi services in Germany and Israel later in 2022. It is also running various autonomous driving pilots across Tokyo, New York City, Detroit, Munich, and most recently in Paris.

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