Tech firms request U.S. Supreme Court to block Texas social media law

Tech firms request U.S. Supreme Court to block Texas social media law
Technology behemoths including Google, Facebook, and Twitter among others have reportedly urged the U.S. Supreme Court to block a Texas law that prevents them from banning users for their political views.

The law, which went into effect on the 11th of May, is now put on hold after a district judge issued an injunction blocking it.


Texas’ new law essentially prohibits social media companies from banning users based on their political views and requires them to publicly report how they handle the content. It is worth mentioning that the reform was signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott back in September 2021 and was immediately sued by Internet lobbying groups.


The judge, who was identified as U.S. District Judge Sam Pitman, found that the law would threaten the First Amendment rights of social media companies. In their emergency request, the companies asked the Supreme Court to allow the law to stay in effect while an appeal process plays out.


Despite being put on hold last year, the law was reinstated by a federal appellate court on May 11. It creates an illegal situation for social media platforms to restrict or remove users based on their political views, further leading to an enormous uncertainty about the operations of major companies such as Facebook and Twitter.


According to seasoned experts, the law strips private businesses of their First Amendment rights and prevents them from making informed editorial decisions. He said that the group is confident that the Supreme Court will eventually strike down the law as unconstitutional.


The ruling by the appeals courts has set the stage for a confrontation between the First Amendment rights of tech companies and the rights of all Americans. It could result in a significant change in how the courts interpret the First Amendment. 

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