The Clinician, Clalit partner to deploy digital care pathways in Israel

The Clinician, Clalit partner to deploy digital care pathways in Israel

Global digital health innovator The Clinician is reportedly partnering with Clalit Health Services, one of the world’s largest HMOs, to deploy digital healthcare pathways across Israel.

Clalit will complete this move through its innovation arm- Clalit Innovation- to implement these pathways across its 20,000 clinicians, 4.8 million patients, 14 hospitals, and 1,500 community clinics.

These pathways will allow the analysis and collection of crucial health data offered by patients in the community to enhance the safety and quality of care delivered.

The collaboration intends to offer patients a digitally-enabled, convenient way of reporting their health data in the community or at home. It will also offer healthcare providers the data necessary to measure, survey, and enhance care from the patient’s point of view.

Using PROMs (patient-reported outcome measures) to obtain the patient’s point-of-view, these medically authorized health assessments will allow individuals to report on crucial health results, including symptom burden, quality of life, mental health, and physical function.

Clalit will initially deploy ZEDOC, The Clinician's digital health platform, in mental health and hip and knee osteoarthritis patients.

Prof. Ran Balicer, Founding Director of the Clalit Research Institute and Chief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services commented that the patient outcomes reported over the complete care cycle empower their ability to make insightful choices about care and allows providers to enhance efficiency and quality of the delivered care.

Meanwhile, Dr. Orly Weinstein Vice President and Head of Hospitals Division at Clalit has opined that making a data-based, informed decision will enable patients to avoid selecting low-benefit treatments and instead choose beneficial treatments.

To ensure all health results data acquired from patients at home can be directly seen by clinical teams in the EMR (electronic medical record) of patients, The Clinician will consolidate ZEDOC with the existing health information systems of Clalit through its IT & Digital division.

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