U.K. government to work with aviation industry to tackle travel woes

U.K. government to work with aviation industry to tackle travel woes

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps recently announced that the government will work with the aviation industry to come up with an effective system of all formalities to prevent a repeat of last week’s chaos of passengers who faced several flight cancellations and delays. 

Numerous airports across Europe have been struggling to deal with a post-pandemic surge in demand for travel, but British terminals have been hit especially hard in the last week. Schools were closed for half-term to mark Queen Elizabeth's 70 years on the throne, as the nation enjoyed a long public long weekend.

Thousands of British holidaymakers are expected to be stuck at airport terminals across Europe after over 200 planes were canceled over the weekend.

Shapps urged earlier this week that airlines should stop offering tickets for flights that can't serve and that the industry should fix the problem. He also emphasized that since the aviation industry is privatized, they should be responsible for effective and smooth operations.

Airlines had anticipated a busy summer for consumers following two years of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Companies in other business verticals, on the other hand, have had difficulties finding workers because of the pandemic's disarray, and they claim that hiring new employees and screening them for official security clearance is taking longer.

Shapps, on the other hand, argued that employee cuts taken during the epidemic were disproportionate, and stated that they will work with the sector to ensure that such scenarios do not again.

The Transport Secretary stated that he would want to see a program similar to the national scheme used by train operators to reimburse passengers for delays. He also claimed that a constitutional amendment was making it easier to deal with the paperwork required for security clearance and that he didn't expect the army to be brought in to expedite the process.

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