U.S. senators demand closer investigation into TikTok’s data policy

U.S. senators demand closer investigation into TikTok’s data policy

U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee leaders have reportedly demanded a comprehensive investigation regarding the access of Chinese officials to the information about users in the popular video-sharing app TikTok.

Lina Khan, the Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is expected to lead the investigation into TikTok’s data security practices. Even though its parent business ByteDance is based in China, TikTok has persistently countered these allegations, claiming that it does not provide any information about the American users to the Chinese government.

A TikTok spokesperson has claimed that the platform has never given the Chinese government access to user information from Americans and would never even if asked. TikTok had stated in mid-June in response to prior questions from authorities that all its data about U.S.-based users were now housed on servers run by U.S. firm Oracle Corporation.

Even last week as well TikTok responded to inquiries regarding its data storage and access standards from nine Republican senators. According to TikTok officials, ByteDance programmers could work on the platform's algorithms, but the new protocol makes sure that it is only possible in the computing environment of Oracle without extracting any data.

The U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment, which is an interagency government review panel that analyzes risks of foreign investments on U.S. national security, is now evaluating the social media giant.

For the uninitiated, former U.S. President Donald Trump tried to push ByteDance to sell its subsidiary to Oracle due to concerns regarding the platform's data security. Additionally, Trump issued executive orders that would have outright prohibited the service in the country, but they were eventually repealed by his successor, Joe Biden, and never went into effect.

However, President Biden has asked his administration to evaluate the potential dangers brought on by foreign ownership of social media apps and platforms.

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