UAE offers 30 tons of food supplies to AFG amid humanitarian crisis

UAE offers 30 tons of food supplies to AFG amid humanitarian crisis
The UAE has reportedly offered 30 tons of food supplies to Afghanistan amid a huge humanitarian crisis in the troubled country. The aircraft carrying the food supplies is set to arrive in Kabul.

Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesperson of the Taliban, stated that the supplies will be distributed among vulnerable people by government institutions. He has called upon unconditional and apolitical donation as it is a humanitarian situation.

In the meantime, Cihad Erginay, the Turkish ambassador in Kabul stated that the fourth aid package has arrived from Turkey at Torghondi port in Herat province.

Erginay noted that the aid will be distributed in collaboration with the Red Crescent Society and other provincial organizations. The package includes medical supplies, wheat, sugar along with some other materials.

Interestingly, the Taliban has promised to distribute the supplies transparently. Mujahid asserted that the aid will be distributed via five government institutions.

He, however, noted that there are issues with aid distributed by global organizations.

Focusing on the deteriorating humanitarian scenario in Afghanistan, Secretary-General of UN Antonio Guterres, stated that nine million people might face famine conditions in the country.

Guterres added that Afghanistan’s economy has effectively collapsed and the country needs to be funded to continue receiving life-saving aid from the UN and its partners.

Although the conflict in Afghanistan has ended, it still witnesses some serious violations of human rights.

In other news, many residents of the Kandahar province staged protests in response to recent attacks by Pakistan.

The Pakistan military conducted airstrikes on April 16 on the Spiri area of Khost province and shelled the Shiltan district of Kunar province. Previously, residents of the eastern Nangarhar and southeastern Khost provinces rallied to protest the attacks.

Afghan diplomatic missions have condemned these airstrikes and has called upon the UN Security Council to act against Pakistan.

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