Ukraine health crisis worsens as medics continue facing attacks

Ukraine health crisis worsens as medics continue facing attacks

The World Health Organisation has reportedly quoted that the health crisis in Ukraine is worsening amidst the ongoing war situation with Russia as the burnt-out medical staff continues working under increasing shelling, especially with the soon-approaching winter season.

As per a WHO tracker, healthcare facilities worldwide have faced 615 attacks this year, out of which those in Ukraine have reported 434 attacks.

Heather Papowitz, Ukraine Emergency Co-Ordinator, WHO, stated that the healthcare teams in many areas of the country have become used to working while the shelling continues outside the hospital window.

This has raised a case of emergency for public health there.

Although Russia has denied targeting civilians, several towns and cities in Ukraine have been destroyed while thousands of citizens have been killed.

Russian forces have been accused of war crimes by Ukraine as well as its Western allies.

Having visited the war-affected country last week, Papowitz said that the agency was majorly concerned about areas that are inaccessible by its teams because of Russian occupation or the fighting, such as the southern Kherson region and the eastern Donbas region.

Papowitz has also cited challenges such as delivering medicines to the people suffering from chronic conditions in such areas, as well as treating mental and physical trauma.

Another major issue is disease control, with Ukraine having low vaccination coverage in case of polio or measles outbreaks. Concerns over the risk of cholera are also growing, however no outbreak has been verified as of now.

WHO is also working with several national health systems for supporting the health of Ukraine refugees in neighboring nations.

Over six million people have left the country due to the war, with a similar number of people being displaced within Ukraine as well.

Papowitz added that there are multiple barriers for refugees to access healthcare, such as language and affordability, and that to address this issue, the UN agency is working with national governments.

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