Vizient to become a part of Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative

Vizient to become a part of Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative
Amid the supply chain disruptions in healthcare industry across the United States, Vizient Inc. has announced joining the Healthcare Industry Resilience Collaborative (HIRC), a leading healthcare and non-profit supply chain group that masters the best practices and standards in supply chain resiliency.

As per reports, the supplier supported, provider-led company brings together main stakeholders throughout health care to align on mutual solutions to supply challenges that affect the patient care.

Apparently, Vizient will provide its proficiency as the country’s biggest health care performance improvement firm to focus on data and analytics, resiliency score-carding, and sourcing expertise.

Notably, the HIRC membership is the most recent in the series of steps Vizient has undertaken to boost up supply guarantee throughout healthcare.

Margaret Steele, Senior Vice President, Med Surg at Vizient stated that a series of latest international events has created uncertainty and disruption across the healthcare supply chain, and it asks for a collaborative effort among all interested parties to start to find resolutions.

Margaret mentioned that together with HIRC, the organization can help bring down the impact and number of supply chain disruptions on patient care and provider services.

According to sources, the focus areas of HIRC consist of standardizing resiliency major performance pointers, drafting a roadmap to measure resiliency attributes via increasing supply chain visibility, and score-carding for increased continuity of critical supplies.

Moreover, the company also emphasizes on increased transparency via data sharing and risk assessments.

Jesse Schafer, Executive Director at HIRC, commented that HIRC members share a mutual cause in backing supply chain continuity to make sure that the delivery for patient care is excellent.

Jesse quoted that a resilient and transparent supply chain can be achieved via joint efforts of suppliers, providers, and industry players.

It was added that Vizient is assisting to drive resiliency by joining best practices and exchange of ideas.

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