WHO claims monkeypox could become a moderate risk to public health

WHO claims monkeypox could become a moderate risk to public health

The WHO (World Health Organization) has recently announced that monkeypox can develop to be a moderate risk to public health at an international level after several cases were reported in nations where the disease is not usually found.

According to the WHO, there is a chance of higher public health risk if the virus leverages the opportunity to develop itself as a human pathogen, spreading to groups that are at higher risk of severe diseases such as immunosuppressed people and young children.

For those unaware, monkeypox is an infectious disease that spreads through close contact and is mostly found in West and Central Africa. The WHO expects the disease to be contained easily through proper hygiene and self-isolation. 

The health regulator reported that a total of 257 confirmed and 120 suspected cases have been reported from 23 European member states as of May 26th, mostly in Portugal, Spain, and the U.K. It is worth mentioning that there have been no fatalities so far.

This sudden appearance of monkeypox in various non-endemic countries shows an undetected transmission has been prevailing for some time and has amplified in recent times. The WHO added that it expects more cases to be reported as it expects its surveillance in endemic as well as non-endemic countries.

Meanwhile, an infectious disease expert council has called on the WHO and is requesting a quick intervention from worldwide authorities in controlling the spread of monkeypox. These experts are requesting the government as well as the health regulator to not replicate similar mistakes during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The expert council has also issued recommendations to prevent the virus from spreading through self-isolation if contact with someone with monkeypox and strengthening testing as well as contact tracing across the globe.

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