WHO warns of collapse of healthcare system in eastern Ukraine

WHO warns of collapse of healthcare system in eastern Ukraine
The WHO (World Health Organization) has reportedly warned that the healthcare system in eastern Ukraine is nearing a collapse, putting thousands of trapped people at risk.

Health officials of the U.N. stated that they urgently require access to Mariupol and other areas severely affected by war in eastern Ukraine. Credible reports suggest that almost all hospitals and health facilities in areas like the Luhansk region are either destroyed or damaged.

The WHO is requesting access to impacted areas to evaluate health requirements and offer critical medical supplies to the injured and sick.

Commenting from the Lviv region, WHO spokesman Bhanu Bhatnagar expressed that the organization is unable to enter Mariupol and is unaware of the health status of the trapped population.

For the past two months, Russian forces are relentlessly shelling and bombing Mariupol and the city has been demolished. Thousands of people are residing in underground bunkers with limited water, medical, and food supplies.

Mr. Bhatnagar noted that the WHO is moving critical supplies considerably in Mariupol closer to the city. However, he insisted that it is crucial to urgently create a safe passage. The war needs to be ceased for at least a couple of days to transfer vital supplies and evaluate health requirements.

A collapsed healthcare system has its consequences as there are people affected by war-related injuries. Bhatnagar added that there are people with acute conditions and other health needs that cannot be fulfilled due to the unavailability of vital medicines.

A survey of nearly 1,000 households across Ukraine showcases the catastrophic impact of the war on access to healthcare. Nearly two of five households have at least a member diagnosed with acute conditions like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Moreover, the war has significantly affected the health-seeking behavior of people, with less than a third of households accessing health services in recent times.

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