Zebra Technologies to digitize banking process of Oregon’s First Tech

Zebra Technologies to digitize banking process of Oregon’s First Tech

Zebra Technologies, a mobile computing company based in the U.S., has announced that its mobile-first platform ‘Reflexis for Banking’ has been selected by federally chartered credit union First Tech (First Tech Federal Credit Union) for increasing staff effectiveness & productivity and elevating customer service.

Using this platform, First Tech will digitize audit processes that will lead to greater insights and visibility into proactive task management, staff workload, and enhanced communications in all of its Experience Centers. It will also digitize inspection processes, which offers a digital audit trail that lowers task duplication and streamlines resource allocation for staff and managers.

The move will further enable First Tech to join a rapidly expanding roster of banks to optimize branch execution, scheduling & communication.

For those unaware, Reflexis for Banking is a mobile-first platform that offers branch staffing optimization & mobile tools for enhanced employee engagement. It simplifies workload of branch employees and improves the time spent directly with customers, endorsing productivity and improved client loyalty.

Holly Hoekman, Director, Training & Optimization, First Tech, says that they chose Reflexis for Banking as it offers ease of use and the ability to improve compliance within its Experience Centers.

Founded 70 years ago by employees of Tektronix and HP, First Tech is one of the top 10 Federal Credit Unions in terms of assets under management and customer satisfaction. It is a member-owned financial institution that has over 30 branches in states like Colorado, Oregon, California, Washington, and Texas.

Suresh Menon, Sr. VP and GM, Software Solutions, Zebra Technologies, claims that Reflexis for Banking platform offers visibility into branch operations in real-time, offering confidence that tasks are being completed on time and as per best practice.

The platform will help First Tech to streamline branch operations processes to enhance controls, improve customer experience, offer operational efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction.

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